Mentor – MIT e-mentoring program

  • Company: PEGNL Pilot MIT mentoring Program

Job Description

PEGNL is launching a Pilot MIT e-mentoring program to foster a welcoming community for future professionals (members-in-training). The main objective of the program is to support and develop engineering and geoscience professionals that protect the public interest.


As an experienced professional in engineering and/or geoscience, you’ll support the competent development of members in training and help them envision, and take steps toward, their future career and licensure. 


Are you interested in becoming a mentor or learning more?

PEGNL uses the Competency-Based Assessment model to evaluate the experience qualifications of members in training applying for licensure.


Why get involved?As a mentor you:    

    • have a chance to foster the next generation of engineers and geoscientists
    • get an occasion for reflection, develop new skills and be further energized in your work
    • have an opportunity to share a wealth of experience
    • obtain leadership development through mentoring (and qualify for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours in the Non-Technical category).


How much time is involved?

Mentoring is a partnership and does require dedicated time. For this program, a minimum of 3 hours of meeting time over a 6-month period are identified (plus the preparation time for each session), a mandatory 45-min training module, and 3 optional group networking sessions.

All in all, if you decide to participate in all the sessions, you’d be spending 10-12 hours over a 6-month period (Sept 2023 – February 2024).