PEGNL Board of Directors – Elected Director

  • Company: PEGNL Volunteer Opportunity
  • Closing date: March 14, 2024
  • Job id: N/A

Job Description

PEGNL is now accepting nominations for the 2024 PEGNL Board of Directors.

The PEGNL Board is responsible for building and shaping policy in relation to the regulation of the professions of engineering and geoscience. The PEGNL Board consists of 9 elected members and 3 public representatives appointed by Government through the Independent Appointments Commission.

We will be filling vacancies for Chair-Elect (one) and Director (two). These three individuals will serve three-year terms. The person elected as Chair-Elect will serve as Board Chair in their second year and as Past Chair in their third year.


  • Currently licensed with PEGNL (P. Eng., P. Geo., Eng. L., or Geo. L.)
  • We are looking for people who can:
    • Think big
    • Govern, not manage
    • Collaborate with others
    • Participate in deliberation, but also respect the opinions of others
    • Commit the time necessary to fulfill the role


To learn more about becoming a member of the PEGNL Board of Directors, please see the Board of Directors page.


  • The Board of Directors meets seven times per year
    • The last meeting in June occurs the day before the PEGNL Annual General Meeting
    • Board meetings are typically one business day in duration
  • Board members are required to serve on one or more subcommittees, which also meet periodically throughout the year
  • The average time commitment is approximately 15 hours per month
  • The Chair of the Board is expected to also attend external meetings on behalf of PEGNL