The Professional Engineers and Geoscientists Newfoundland and Labrador (PEGNL) — formerly the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Newfoundland (APEGN) — is an organization whose mandate is regulating these professions in the public interest, as promulgated in the Engineers & Geoscientists Act 2008 of Newfoundland and Labrador. PEGNL has approximately 5,000 members and is accountable to the public through the provincial Department of Digital Government and Service NL.

Who Can Practice?

There are several categories of registration and licensure at PEGNL, including:


  • Professional Engineer (P. Eng.)
  • Professional Geoscientist (P. Geo.)
  • Limited Licensee (Eng. L. or Geo. L.)
  • Permit to Practice
  • Members-in-Training
  • Non-Practicing Membership


Each category has different requirements, responsibilities, and authorities.

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Discipline & Enforcement

Any person who has a concern about the competence or professionalism of an individual licensed engineer or geoscientist, or a company holding a PEGNL Permit to Practice, should raise this concern with PEGNL.

Compliance & Enforcement

An individual engaged in the practice of engineering or geoscience in Newfoundland & Labrador requires a PEGNL license to practice.

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Submitting a Complaint

You can submit a compliant by filling out the compliance issue form. A potential first step is to discuss your concern with Professional Standards Director and provide any relevant information.


Practice Standards & Guidelines

PEGNL publishes practice standards and guidelines for the purpose of educating its license holders and the public about matters of professional practice.

Practice Guideline for Authenticating Professional Documents

This Guideline describes how and when a professional member’s stamp and a permit holder’s stamp shall be used for authenticating professional documents.


Guideline for Permit Holders and Companies Employing Engineers and Geoscientists

This Guideline specifies when a permit to practice is required. It also outlines the requirements of organizations operating under a permit to practice and the expectations of non-permit holding companies that employ engineers and/or geoscientists.


Guideline for Areas of Practice Spanning Engineering and Geoscience

This Guideline explores the potential areas of overlap between geotechnical or geological engineering and engineering geology. It provides guidance for both professions working in this space, emphasizing the need for collaboration from both professions in certain situations to ensure that the primary mandate of public protection is met.


Licensing & Registration

Professional members licensed by PEGNL are the only persons permitted by law to undertake and assume responsibility for engineering and geoscience work in NL.

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Board of Directors

The Board is comprised of both member representatives elected by membership in accordance with the By-Laws and three public representatives appointed by the MGS.

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PEGNL is the licensing and regulatory body for more than 5,000 Professional Engineers, Geoscientists and Members-in-Training practicing in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Act, Regulations&By-Laws

The Engineers and Geoscientists Act, 2008 provides PEGNL with its mandate and authority to regulate the engineering and geoscience professions in NL.

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This page has been designed to assist registrants seeking employment, as well as recruiters seeking to hire professionals in the fields of engineering and geoscience.

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Professional Development

PEGNL license holders are required to report eighty hours of professional development annually through PEGNL’s on-line reporting system available at the member portal.

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