Discipline, Compliance & Enforcement

If you have a concern about the competence or professionalism of a licensed engineer or geoscientist, or a company holding a PEGNL Permit to Practice, or if you notice someone who is not a licensed engineer or geoscientist practicing or using restricted titles, you should report these issues to PEGNL.

Discipline, Compliance & Enforcement

Complaints Against Members and Discipline

Any person who has a concern about the competence or professionalism of an individual licensed engineer or geoscientist, or a company holding a PEGNL Permit to Practice, should first discuss this concern with the Professional Standards Director (PSD). The PSD can provide information on the allegation process and determine whether the matter falls under the regulatory authority of PEGNL. If the matter falls under PEGNL's regulatory authority, you have the option of filing an allegation against the individual or firm and the PSD can assist in this matter. 


Information about the complaints and discipline process can be obtained by clicking on Discipline Handbook 


Compliance & Enforcement

Individuals engaged in the practice of engineering or geoscience in Newfoundland & Labrador require a PEGNL license to practice and companies (including sole proprietorships) offering engineering or geoscience services outside their organization must have a PEGNL Permit to Practice.

PEGNL’s compliance efforts are focused on ensuring only licensed individuals and companies practice in Newfoundland and Labrador, and only licensed individuals and companies use titles and designations that are restricted under the Engineers and Geoscientists Act including:


  • Engineer
  • Geoscientist
  • Geologist
  • Engineering
  • Geochemist
  • Geophysicist
  • P. Eng.
  • P. Geo.
  • Eng. L. or Geo. L.

Legislation restricts the practice of engineering and geoscience, and the use of these titles, to licensed individuals and companies to ensure the public can trust that those practicing and using the titles are duly qualified to and held accountable for practicing professionally, competently, and ethically. More information on practice restrictions and the misuse of titles is available through the following links: Restricted Practice or  Restricted Use of Titles.


Report Compliance Infractions by Clicking on this Link (Please read the information below first)

To maintain public confidence in the professions, it is imperative that individuals who are aware of potential infractions become involved in the process. To report a complaint or compliance issue please follow these steps:


  • Check the Member Register or Permit Directory to see if the individual or company is licensed by PEGNL.
  • If licensed with PEGNL and you have concerns with unethical or unprofessional practice, please contact PEGNL's Professional Standards Director.
  • If not licensed with PEGNL, please gather all relevant evidence to support the suspected violation and contact PEGNL's Professional Standards Director or submit anonymously here. Relevant evidence may include copies or screen shots of:
      • business cards, 
      • company directories, 
      • public directory listings, 
      • advertisements, 
      • websites, 
      • social media pages, and/or 
      • emails or other documents that may be shared publicly. 

Bill Hunt, P. Eng., FEC, Professional Standards Director

Email: bhunt@pegnl.ca

Tel: (709) 753-7714; ext. 108





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