Member Announcements – June 26

Announcement Date: 06.26.2024

Member Announcements – June 26


***NEW*** Atlantic Canada Salary Survey - many members, employers, and those considering a career in engineering have expressed an interest in obtaining current statistics on engineering and geoscience salaries in the Atlantic region. It has been three years since members were asked to participate in the last survey.  The 2024 salary survey will be conducted shortly by Truverus and will be done as an online, web-based survey. A salary survey summary report will be available after the survey has been completed and the information has been tabulated.  Your completion of the survey is essential in providing valuable survey results.

Please note all data collected from individual members will be kept confidential by Truverus, and Truverus will destroy individual response data once aggregate reporting is complete. Only the aggregated data and survey statistics will be made available.

***NEW*** DiscoverE presents Summer of STEM 2024; 5 weeks of activities from July 8 to August 9, that help children discover engineering! Download your Engineering Journal for 5 weeks of summer challenges for students of all ages. Each weekly challenge features interviews with engineers & technicians, and prompts for each stage of the Engineering Design Process! For more information click here.

PEGNL welcomes its newly elected Board members, Derek Follett, P. Eng. (Chair-Elect), Sheldon Baikie, P. Eng. (Director) and Eileen O'Brien, P. Eng. (Director). PEGNL would also like to thank its outgoing Directors for their contributions over the past number of years, Dr. Jacques Guigné, P. Geo., FGC, Steve Emberley, P. Geo., Alex Gibson, CPHR, and Liz Palmera-Nuñez, P. Eng.

Government of Canada is pleased to share that Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Public Service Climate Literacy suite is now publicly accessible. You can access Climate Literacy Foundations, Contributing to a Net-zero Canada and Adapting to a Changing Climate in Canada at the links below to explore how our lives and our work affect the climate, and how the changing climate affects us.  These courses were authored by national climate leaders and share a vision for a pathway to a resilient, net-zero Canada. Initially developed to support climate literacy learning within the federal public service, these courses are now available to support climate learning of all Canadians.

Applying Climate Literacy Foundations: Spearheaded by Dr. Sarah Burch from the University of Waterloo, this course offers an overview of core climate change science, and solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the coming impacts. It covers critical areas such as key impacts on biodiversity, health, food, and water, and how climate governance challenges us to work together over time. (3 hours)

Contributing to a Net-zero Canada: Dr. James Meadowcroft from Carleton University authored this course, which delves into the heart of the climate crisis. Participants will explore the energy transition, solutions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions across Canadian sectors and regions, and the policy and governance that will facilitate Canada’s net-zero future. (2 hours)

Adapting to a Changing Climate in Canada: Under the guidance of Dr. Robin Cox from Royal Roads University, this course offers insights into climate impacts and crucial terminology for understanding adaptation and resilience. It provides a toolkit of adaptation actions and offers an in-depth exploration of Canada’s National Adaptation Strategy. (2 hours)

        Courses & Events 

***NEW*** Climate Risk Institute, together with Engineers Canada, developed a specialized low-carbon training for engineers and other practitioners in the building workforce. With the objective of increasing knowledge and awareness of low-carbon building concepts, this online course will equip engineering professionals with collaborative decision-making, design, construction and operation skills needed to meet the growing demands to retrofit and build low-carbon buildings in Canada.

The compressed Summer session (three-week course) commences July 9th for further information and to register, click here.

Gardiner Centre has scheduled some of its most popular training sessions this summer. From project management to HR and communications, their summer training will equip participants with practical skills that can be applied immediately in the workplace. For a full list of available training opportunities please click here. Gardiner Centre is an approved training provider with the Canada-NL Job Grant. For more details on the Canada-NL Job Grant, please click here.


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