Member Announcements – May 5

Announcement Date: 05.05.2023

Member Announcements – May 5


Leadership Opportunity : Director, Finance and Administration, PEGNL
One of three positions reporting directly to the CEO & Registrar, the Director, Finance and Administration provides leadership to the organization in the areas of Finance, Human Resources and Administration.

***NEW*** The PEGNL Board of Directors Election is now open. An email from the election system provider, ClearPicture (trueverus), has been sent to members with instructions on how to vote. Voting is open until May 31, 2023.



***NEW*** Gardiner Centre welcomes opportunities to work with members of Newfoundland and Labrador industry and pro-fessional associations. Its flexible training opportunities delivered both in person and live online mean learning that suits any schedule and location. In addition to the Open-Enrollment below, all of its courses and programs can be delivered in a customized offering for your organization.
To see the topics open for registration in May and June please click here.

EngineersPEI presents Construction Law, May 9 - 10, 9am—12:30pm
The law seems confusing and dealing with lawyers on legal issues seems even more so. This course is not designed to turn participants into lawyers, but to try to help them avoid getting dragged into a legal dispute, alert participants to some of the legal issues they face on the job site, know when to involve a lawyer, and allow the participant to be best positioned in the event of a legal dispute.
Learn more on the course objectives and how to register.

          Events & Sessions  

***NEW*** You are invited to participate in a research study being conducted by the Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Division (CCIAD) of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) to gain a better understanding of how professionals in Canada ac-quire and utilize climate change adaptation knowledge and skills in their practice. The results of this research will also be shared with Engineers Canada. To complete the research survey, please click here. To verify the authenticity of this research, please click here and use the following verification code: 20230324-LE511. PEGNL will allow completion of the survey to count as one Professional Development Hour in the new Regulatory Learning category. Please take a screenshot of the % complete bar prior to submission, as proof of participation.

WinSETT 2023 Spring Sessions
Spring is a time for new beginnings and graduations. If you are looking for a unique gift for a woman graduating and starting a SETT career, consider a WinSETT Leadership Program Session to support her professional development. WinSETT has several online Skill Builder workshops running in May and June. Please see our upcoming program offerings here.


Upcoming Webinars from the PVC Pipe Association:

CCDC 30 Webinar, May 11
During this presentation, CCDC authors will explain the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) methodology and the use of CCDC 30. They will review important concepts, including target costs, the risk pool, waiver of liability, the phases of an IPD project, the senior and project management teams, and more.
This webinar will explain how using CCDC 30 can help foster mutual respect and trust on your next project.

Engineers Canada is running an information campaign to provide an overview of the Secondary Professional Liability Insurance program. The program benefits engineers and geoscientists by providing coverage in situations not covered by primary insurance, and it also assists engineers in maintaining public safety through features such as whistleblower coverage. You can learn more here.

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