Notice Regarding International Transcripts

Announcement Date: 06.01.2022

Notice Regarding International Transcripts

PEGNL is implementing a NEW Records Management policy that limits the amount of time we hold physical educational records, such as diplomas and transcripts.

While this policy is meant to maintain the privacy of our members and applicants, we recognize that in some cases, obtaining a new, physical copy of the aforementioned documents can be difficult – if not impossible – especially for international records.

As such, we are providing individuals an opportunity to request any internationally issued educational documents to be returned to them by mail, should they currently be held by PEGNL.

Those looking to receive these documents should reach out to us at and include their name, mailing address and, if applicable, current, or former member number.

Individuals have until May 31, 2023, to request these documents. Anyone requesting educational documents on or before that day, and for whom the documents exist in PEGNL’s physical files, will have them returned to them by regular mail at no cost.

Please be advised, some documents have already been either returned or destroyed at the request of applicants, so these documents are no longer available.