Member Announcements – Mar 9

Announcement Date: 03.02.2023

Member Announcements – Mar 9



***NEW***Faculty of Engineering Annual Open House, Mar 25, 10am—2pm
There will be interactive tours that will showcase a variety of engineering disciplines and laboratories, a youth interaction station with robots, 3D printers and hands-on activities for all ages and an opportunity to meet a variety of our talented student teams that take place in activities and competitions here and around the world!

The 30 by 30 Initiative is the national goal shared by all 12 provincial and territorial regulators and Engineers Canada to raise the percentage of newly licensed engineers who are women to 30 per cent by the year 2030. The goal of the 2023 Conference is to provide a forum for employers to share their efforts and lessons on creating an inclusive workplace. Learn more on how you can participate and register.

Call for Nominations - 2023 PEGNL Board of Directors
The PEGNL Board is responsible for building and shaping policy in relation to the regulation of the professions of engineering and geoscience. This year, we will be filling vacancies for Chair-Elect (one) and Director (two). These three individuals will serve three-year terms. Nominations are open until March 15.

Camp 20 is accepting candidate applications for the 2023 Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer. PEG-NL members who are obligated may apply to attend the ceremony on Camp 20’s website. The deadline for applications is March 31, 2023.



***NEW***Clean Energy Career Management Program for Engineers and Geoscientists 

Canada’s new Clean Energy Shuttle Program (CCES) helps professional Engineers and Geoscientists evolve their careers to the clean energy sector. In partnership with the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program and Careers in Energy, there are no costs for successful applicants. Click here to learn more.

Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – British Columbia (ACEC-BC) recently developed an allyship guide. Allyship is the practice of fostering inclusion. This guide contains allyship practices that can be used to promote inclusion and belonging within the workplace. You can read more about it here.

Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology (CCWESTT) Resource Hub showcase strategies, action plans, policies, and programs from across Canada and the world to help your organization successfully support gender equity and inclusion in science, engineering, trades and technology (SETT)

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***NEW*** Women in Communications and Technology (WCT) presents Evolve 2023: the Importance of Sponsorship in Career Growth and Transformation.
This online panel discussion will dive deep into the importance of sponsorship and the role it plays in career growth. Learn valuable career advice from a diverse and dynamic panel of women, connect with other like minded women in the communications and technology industry on Mar 16th, 2023.

***NEW*** Engage Memorial presents: Was the Public Engagement Framework a Success?
Evaluating the last ten years of PE at Memorial. Join Dr. Rob Greenwood, as he leads a dialogue featuring some of the people who participated in the framework's development and recent evaluation as they discuss what was heard (good and bad), and how we'll use those results to inform the next phase of Memorial’s public engagement strategy.

***NEW*** Fueling Innovation: Empowering Women in STEM
This discussion features three talented and inspirational women from Bell who will share their experiences and opinions on the importance of equity, inclusion, empowerment and work-life balance. This event is aimed to raise awareness about the progress women have made in STEM and the need for ongoing support and empowerment for female professionals in these fields.

***NEW*** Asset Management Presentation—AIM Network, Apr 5
This presentation will give an overview of what asset management is and will highlight five competencies that many municipalities in Atlantic Canada have been working on over the past several years, through FCM’s Municipal Asset Management Program. Knowing these competencies, there will be a discussion on how the participants can help support municipalities, when working with them in the future. Register via the PEGNL Member Portal.

SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicists) presents Effective Negotiation Skills, Mar. 15, 11:30am
This webinar explores internal barriers we may face to enter a negotiation. It covers the basics of negotiation, which involve knowing what you want or need, and conversation methods that encourage the other party to move towards your needs while maintaining a positive dialogue. Discussion of simple practices that help you become more comfortable with negotiation.

CCDC 14 Document Webinar, Mar. 16, 2:30pm
CCDC 14 is a fixed-price prime contract an Owner enters into with a single entity, called the Design-Builder, that is responsible for the design and construction services. Over the ninety-minute presentation, this contract will be broken down and analyzed, with the roles, responsibilities and risks of each party explained. The webinar will review important sections and clauses and highlight the vital considerations which must be made.

From Fossil Fuels to a Low-Carbon Future: My Career Journey, Mar. 27, 9:30pm
The energy transition faces complex technological and socio-economic challenges, and innovative solutions are needed from a diverse range of perspectives. Collaboration across industries is essential, and conventional approaches alone will not suffice. Women's leadership and contributions in this field are particularly important, as they bring unique perspectives and creative thinking to the table. Join the webinar to learn Michelle Kim’s career journey.


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